Photo: Black Frame Photography

Photo: Black Frame Photography

Hello! I’m Kelly-Ann McDonald - owner, designer, packager and chief bow-tier at Rude Design!

I'm one of those lucky people who are fortunate enough to have a "hobbyjob" - I do what I love to earn a living ... I spend my days creating beautiful stationery on my most treasured possession – my Mac!

Rude Design was established in 2008 as nothing more than a few bitsy freelance jobs for myself in the corporate space. The focus of the business changed six years ago when I got married because I realised I wasn't only head over heels about my husband, but also about weddings!.  I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being part of someone else's special day.

I have often been asked about how my business acquired such a risqué name, given that I am operating in such a romantic industry.  Well, my maiden name is Rood (Dutch meaning 'Red', but pronounced Rude!) and I wanted my business to have a personal touch through a quirky play on words. So, Rude it became (but I'm super nice, I promise!).

More about me...

My biggest loves in life are my husband, Benjamin, my beautiful son, Jack, my family and my ever-growing Le Creuset collection. I'm a hygiene freak, a detail fanatic and have never (or would never) stand up 'Benny and the Jets' on the dance floor!