Do you have a price list?

It is almost impossible to give pricing guidelines, given that my work is customised in each and every instance. It varies to such an extent from couple to couple - in terms of the input required on design and the quantity and quality of the finished product - that I’m simply not able to provide a standard price list.  What I can tell you is that everyone can afford Rude Design’s services!  I personalise every aspect of your job, right down to affordability. With the help of the details you provide in the Custom Design Questionnaire, I will respond by email with a proposal that takes into account the budget you’ve allowed.  

I adore one of the designs I’ve spotted in your portfolio.
Can I use that for my wedding, or aspects of it?

I think you’ll understand that if I did that, I couldn’t offer the unique, bespoke wedding invitations that I do!  So, no.  But that shouldn’t worry you. Rather, it should inspire you to allow me to come up with your very own creation.  Remember, that is what the initial discussions, random images and mood boards are all about – transferring your thoughts into my brain!  It most certainly would help if you pointed out something in my portfolio – or anywhere else for that matter - which really appealed to you, because that would assist me in knowing what you love.  Then we can take inspiration from the colours and elements in an existing design to create something brand new, just for you!  Believe me, in much the same way that you want your very own wedding dress, you do not want to copy someone else’s stationery, nor do you want them to copy yours.  This is your wedding, your love story.

I’ve got an idea for a novelty item – on top of my invitation suite – that I don’t see in your portfolio. Can you design it for me?

I would go out of my way to help you turn every one of your ideas into reality! And believe me, new ideas really excite me. So yes, if it’s within my ability, we’ll get you what you want. I have done many novel products for bridal couples – from special signage to custom t-shirts to personalised favours for guests to gifts for the bridal couple’s entourage to table décor items … most things are possible!

Will you assemble my wedding invitations for me?

Absolutely.  That is a chief offering from Rude Design, because I like nothing more than to see my jobs through from start to perfect finish! There is a small assembly charge, from R5 per invitation.

How can I be sure that everything will be printed
correctly and exactly as I want it?

After we have had our initial meeting or discussion, I will start work on the design aspect of your invitation suite and you would decide on the wording you’re wanting. We will communicate via email from then on. The onus is on both of us to check spellings and grammar, but obviously, you will take responsibility for the final sign-offs. Most particularly, you must provide me with the correct spellings of NAMES. An important tip: don’t assume you know how to spell all your guest’s names!  For example, your bestie’s new beau, whom you know as Piet Smith, might well be Peter Smythe in reality!  There are many variations of common names and surnames – Khumalo is sometimes Kumalo, Amy could be Aimee! As detailed elsewhere on this website, you will receive digital proofs along the way for you to check. Try to be meticulous in your initial emails, to save time and money in the proofing stages. This advice is ultra important if you are needing invitations in languages other than English. You would be extra careful to ensure that spacing and symbols unique to that language are correct.

How is my order delivered or collected?

It depends on the needs of every client.  In some cases, it is more convenient for me to deliver or for you, as my client, to collect, if we are in close proximity to each other.  In others, I use a reliable courier service, for which I would charge the costs out to you.  These will vary depending on the size and weight of your parcel and the distance it must travel. Obviously, you would need to give me the physical address to which I must deliver.

What do you offer besides invitations?

I design entire wedding stationery suites – from the Save-the-Date notice to On-the-Day stationery and everything in between! This includes a host of items – like menus, seating lists, place names, t-shirts and signage – to the invitations themselves and accessories, such as belly bands and custom envelopes.  Who knows?  You could well introduce something completely novel for me to design for your day, that no-one has done before!

Would it be possible for you to produce a
sample before I give the go-ahead?

Yes, at extra cost, I could create a mock-up invitation so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

Is Rude Design only for weddings?

No, we can create anything for any event such as Engagement Parties,
Bachelorettes, Baby Showers, Birthdays and so much more.

Can you help with wording and invitation etiquette?

We'd be happy to! Feel free to ask us questions, and check out the Etiquette page.