Are Save-the-Dates essential?

No, but many a couple have realised how valuable they are, because without them, many of their guests would not have been able to come. In the case of destination weddings, family and friends are given fair notice to make the necessary arrangements to be able to attend. Save-the-Dates should be mailed 6-12 months before the big day.

When should we mail our wedding invitations?

Wedding invitations should be sent 3-4 months before your wedding date.

What should our RSVP date be?

Most couples need to know how many guests are having 1 month before the big day to allow time to follow up on non-replies and to inform caterers and/or venues timeously. 

How should we share our wedding website?

 If you choose to send website information with your invitations, you can list it on a separate info card. Alternatively, you can use your Save-the-Dates to share this with your guests.

How should we share our registry information?

Normally, gift registry information is included in your invitation suite on a separate card.

How do we let guests know about the dress code?

This should be included on your invitation and you would indicate the dress code by telling your guests whether your wedding requires them to dress formally, smart casual or informally, depending on the tone of your wedding. This is also good information to share on your wedding website.

How do we avoid uninvited guests?

Make sure that the envelope of your invitation is specific on which members of the household are invited. You could also add the phrases 'Partners by invitation only' and/or 'Regret no children' to make doubly sure that you don't have an over abundance of guests!

Do we have to include "plus ones" for single guests?

No, you certainly don't have to do this. The size of your wedding and the guests you want to be there, are entirely within your budget and discretion. However, if you are aware that a particular guest or two are in serious relationships, you might want to invite those partners even if you don't know them personally.