I am sharing news today that still leaves me shell-shocked and almost speechless. (I say almost because I have a lot to tell you all – my customers, suppliers and all-round good friends).

Ben, Jack and I are moving to Dubai! Astonishing to say, almost impossible to imagine DOING! Ben has received an offer he can’t refuse – and so that means, naturally, all three of us are moving to a new country. Eeeeeek!


In addition, life being life, there’s not been much warning. Ben leaves THIS Saturday to take up his new position and Jack and I will follow around mid-December. The best news is that my housekeeper, close friend and Jack’s nanny, Forosa, will be joining us on this escapade! Only new(ish) mothers will know just how much her decision to come with us, means to me … suffice to say, if she couldn’t have come, I’d want my mother!

We’ve decided from the get-go to handle this as a great adventure for our little family, an enormous opportunity for Ben to stretch his wings, a step for me out of my happy bubble and, of course, a whole new world for Jack! There’ll be heart wrenching farewells and awful spots of homesickness, but we’re prepared for that. Thank goodness we live in the age of high technology – air travel, smart phones, electronic communication – and that my family is the kind that can withstand anything, including physical separation.

This move has huge connotations for Rude Design, of course. So this is where I’m at:
I’m staying behind to finish off commitments to current bridal couples and generally wind up operations that involve my South African clients. From then on, I’ll have to get to my new home and set up base, which could require a six-month sabbatical from normal business while I find my feet.

I envisage being able to accept strictly on-line and electronic-based work in the nearer future for brides who don’t require printed Save-the-Dates and wedding invitations. Of course, this leaves many with the problem that I would not be able to supply On-the-Day stationery, like seating charts, place cards and menus, etc, unless they are prepared to pay courier costs from Dubai – once I’ve found suppliers, obviously.

Once my family is settled and I have set up shop, so to speak, I’ll be in full swing again and ready for anything! It is impossible to say when this will be, but I am hoping that I’ll be able to get going again from July next year.

I can only say that no-one could be more regretful than me that I am turning away business as we speak. Rude Design is a baby that I have delivered, raised and nurtured for the past 6 years. She’s had ups and downs, growing pains and heady times and was just becoming a very independent young lady when we were hit with the Dubai news. It is going to be very difficult to slow her development down while I get my head around a new country, a new continent and new ways of doing things.

But you can bet that I will do it, together with Ben, my rock, and my gorgeous son who has fun anywhere!

Thank you to every bridal couple out there who has entrusted me with their wedding requirements. Thank you to every person – and there are many – who have recommended me personally to new clients because they were such satisfied customers.

Thank you to my reliable, diligent suppliers for helping me deliver a quality product on time, every time.

Lastly, thank you to my family and friends who have, with their solid faith in my ability, inspired me to carry on carrying on doing what I love and being able to earn a living out of it – namely to create beautiful elements to thrill ‘my’ brides on one of their most special of days and to warm their hearts with keepsakes for ever more.

Speak next from Dubai (but in the meantime, I’ll still be active on social media).

Love Kelly-Ann


So it's been an insanely busy year...  I refreshed my brand, became a mother and have now finally finished my new website!  Very productive (excuse the pun!)  I am very proud of my new little bundle of blue and, of course, my website, and can't say I have ever been happier!  I am also very glad to finally be launching my new website after taking some time, in partnership with Anzel from White Kite Studio, to evolve the Rude Design brand.

I'm ecstatic about my new brand and very excited to be rolling it out to my business cards, packaging and of course the new website, which I'm launching today with this opening blog post.  Thanks Anzel!

I'm very excited to be getting back into the swing of things,  and am so passionate about creating wedding stationery for every couple that chooses Rude Design. I think being a happy new mother has got my creative juices flowing!  Just loving life, home and work right now!

So I hope you like what you see and that the website gives you an idea of what I do (and hopefully what I can do for you!).